Glock Pistol Modifications

SMC Tactical NC has always been huge fans of the Glock pistol. We have seen the Glock pistol go several thousand rounds a day in training courses without missing a beat. Several of us trust our lives to the Austrian mega-pistol. That being said, there are things that can be done to make them even better.


Services offered for Glock pistols:

  • Stippling
  • Backstrap reductions
  • Front strap reduction & remove finger grooves
  • Rounded trigger guards
  • High undercut on back of trigger guard
  • Finger catch center of bottom of trigger guard
  • Bevel out around magazine release
  • Reduce grip length from full size to compact (17-19/22-23)
  • Install extended mag and slide release

IMG_20151216_110027t of all, Glock factory sights are trash. After that, our process makes for a much better handling pistol. By straightening the backstrap the pistol points more naturally and faster. The hump in the bottom of the grip forces the front of the pistol upward.


Glock 35 Competition model

By shaving the backstrap to a straighter, more 1911-like angle, the sight drives straight out onto target. By removing the finger grooves from the front of the pistol the shooter’s hand can find a more comfortable and natural grip. At speed, the grip we acquire on the pistol at the holster is the grip we will have once we present the pistol and fire. Unless you have “Glock sized” hands, this can cause a inconsistent grip resulting in missed shots.


SMC Tan framed Glock 17. Straighten front and rear strap, rounded trigger guard.

We can also do a high undercut on the back of the trigger guard where the middle finger of the shooting hand rests. By widening and cutting the back of the trigger guard higher the shooter can get a higher grip. A higher grip also aids in a more solid and consistent grip. We offer and recommend a rounded trigger guard. Not only does it look really good, if helps speed up the draw-presentation of the pistol.


G35 with “Gunfighter” finger trap on bottom of trigger guard

On the range we found the hook on the front of the trigger guard catching our hand when mating the non-shooting hand to the shooting hand on the pistol. By rounded and polishing the front of the trigger guard it allows the non-shooting hand to slide down the front of the trigger guard down onto the non-shooting hand. Lastly we radius the entirety of the grip, profiling and radius-ing the grip makes for a more ergonomic and somewhat smaller grip. Even those of us with freakishly large hands can appreciate a smaller grip.



Guys need to get over the idea that since they have “big hands” (like any huge, porkchop eating, car lifting, commando has to have), that they need to have a huge pistol. This isn’t entirely the case. A smaller grip radius means more of our meat-hooks are wrapped around the gun. You can be a beast, but if you can’t hit sh*t at the range, the ego will take a hit.


With all Glocks (except the Gen4) we bevel out the area around the magazine release. This allows the shooter to get to the release easier and get ahold of more of it speeding up reloads. Last thing we do is stipple the frame.

We offer two different texture types, Dot and SAM, and three different levels of texture. CCW, Duty, Extreme Match. (For more info on textures see the Textures page)


SAM texture, duty grip level on G17


G23 and chopped G22 (G22K) with Dot texture


Dot texture


  • CCW is a somewhat softer texture for those of use who carry inside the waist band. We first add a moderately deep stipple to the frame and then go back of it knocking down the sharper more grippy edges. This is the grip texture we do on our personal carry guns.

Our CCW texture


  • Our Duty/Match grip is the same as the CCW, without the second process. It is much like a pumas stone or skateboard tape. It grabs the hand with or without gloves and keeps the pistol in your hand wet, bloody, oily or sweaty.

Glock 22 competition pistol with our Duty/Match texture.

  • The extreme match is the harshest of our textures. It is deeper and larger than the other textures and is not for the piano playing types. Not only will it keep the gun in place during rapid shot strings, it exfoliates your manly hands as well. SMC textures the frame everywhere the hand makes contact with it. Our texture is a randomized consistent pattern.
Heavy texture on a reduced G27 carry gun

Heavy texture on a reduced G27 carry gun


To be fair, it’s not too difficult to stipple a plastic gun. It is harder however to do it right, and make it look good. We have had several customers who tried to texture their guns at home only to bring it to us later. We can re-stipple most guns, however it depends on how the gun was done the first time around. We finish off our texturing with clean lines and sharp angles. A gun does have to look go to shoot well, but life is too short to carry a ugly gun.



Glock 17 to Glock 19 conversion. Grip shortened, front and back strap straightened, trigger guard rounded, and magazine release bevel. By far one of our favorite pistols we’ve done.

These are our signature pistols. We can take a full size Glock and shorten the frame to allow it to accept magazines for the the compact version of the same caliber. For example, we can take a Glock 17 and shorten the frame to accept Glock 19 mags as well.


Glock 22 after grip chop with G23 mag inserted


Same Glock from above with G22 Mag inserted and locked. Very little usable grip surface is lost with the added benefit of now accepting two kinds of magazines.

This modification offers the shooter a longer sight radius, high muzzle velocity, and a very smooth recoil impulse.


Gen4 Glock 22 chopped to G23 length

By chopping off the bottom portion of the grip it allows the straightest grip angle possible. The bottom portion of the grip is where most of the hump in the back of the grip is located. While shortening the frame most of the hump is removed. While the grip is shorter, there is more usable grip area on the pistol and it doesn’t seem shorter in the hand. All of customers who have had this modification done to their pistol have told us it has became their favorite gun.