Rifle-Shotgun-Parts Modification

2013-05-24 14.06.04

SMC Tactical custom screw on panels on one of our training rifles along with two SMC Tactical Glocks



LWRC M6A3 5.56 custom rail panels and hanstop. Suppressor by Tactical Suppressed Weapons also out of N.C.

LWRC M6A3 5.56 custom rail panels and hanstop. Suppressor by Tactical Suppressed Weapons also out of N.C.

SMC Tactical NC can customize many commonly used rifle accessories like rail covers, vertical grips, and pistol grips. For example we can chop Magpul RVGs into handstops, reduce and stipple KAC rail covers, stipple polymer shotgun/rifle stocks or Magpul MIAD pistol grips. Pricing for stippling of parts is on a case by case basis, some are quick and easy, others take much more time. If you have a project you want help with just contact us.

stippled AFG

Stippled AFG2 sitting on top of some Pmags with   stippled in contact points

We like using the Magpul AFG for several different uses. The AFG is great for use on a AR15/M4 with a standard length 7in rail or any weapon with a short rail system. By mounting the AFG towards the end of the rail system the shooter can add several inches of reach to the front of the gun. This aids in muzzle driveablity and shot placement on cramped guns. The problem with the AFG is the grip is somewhat slick in texture. SMC can add a non-slip positive grip to this very usable grip.

          Stippled AFG mounted to a DSA FAL


                             AFG on DSA FAL

SMC can stippled any plastic weapons parts that could use a little more texture.

Stippled Remington 870 shotgun stock

        Stippled Remington 870 shotgun stock


Stippled contact points added to a Savage 308 with  Choate stock


LWRC M6A3 that went +30k rounds with no malfunctions

LWRC M6A3 that went +30k rounds with no malfunctions

After several thousand rounds (Like closing in on 75-80,000) through the LWRCi platform of short stroke piston rifles without ANY major weapon related issues we can highly recommend their weapons. They have proved to be both amazingly reliable and accurate rifles, without regard to barrel length or caliber. LWRCi rifles now come from the factory with their great new SPR rail system.


LWRC SPR A5 16in 5.56mm with SMC rail panels and handstop

The rail is user configurable with screw in points to add rails. We here at SMC Tactical NC like the trend of slick rails. To add a rail to add a rail cover just adds to the grip width of the rail system taking away some of the advantages of the slick rail.

We can make custom rail covers for these type of rail systems to screw directly to the rail. We also make custom handstops that attach directly to these types of rails as well.

rail panels

                  Some very well used panels on a SMC training rifle