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On this page we will post reviews and photos sent in by our customers. We like hearing what people think about our work. and like seeing photos of them in use. Send them in to


dan shooting

Dan M:

“To squeeze the last bit of potential out of any handgun, some personalization and custom work has to be done. Glocks are no exception to this. I’ve never liked the finger grooves, grip angle, or the “hump” on the back of the grip. I also don’t care for the lack of real grip afforded by the stock texture as it comes from the factory. When I get a new Glock, it passes straight from my hands into those of SMC Tactical NC. I’ve known the owner for some time and I’ve watched his work on polymer handguns progress into what it’s become today. The work he now turns out is on par with, or better than anything else on the market, big names included. Add to that his reasonable prices and quick turnaround and when looking for someone to do some polymer work, SMC is the easy choice.”



D-Man, Holly Springs NC

First off, I’m a recreational shooter that just started into basic competitions. My biggest problem with poly pistols is that my hands tend to slip around on the grips. With the stippling Chris does I’ve had zero issues gripping my G22k (shortened to take G23 mags) or G23 and have been able to shoot much faster and stay on target much easier. My forearms usually feel tired or sore after going through 3 or 4 boxes of .40 but not the past couple range trips which tells me less hand strength is required while keeping a better grip on my pistols. I’ve also been CC’ing my G22k in a IWB holster, I like the idea of having the longer sight radius while having a more concealable profile.

I took advantage of the Independence Day special SMC Tactical was running and it was easy enough to drop off my pistols and turnaround was quick for the amount of work being done. Chris does great work and gets it done quick. Two thumbs up, Chris!