We offer 2 types of texture in varying degrees in aggressiveness. We offer our classic round dot style texture which we have be using for several years now. The round dot offers grip in 360 degrees and depending on how aggressive you want can really bite into the hand and assures the gun doesn’t move.



We have been very happy with it has been our customers. We also now offer our “SAM” texture. The SAM texture is named after our very own SaMC. Like everything SAM is a acronym for Special Application Manos (Spanish for hands). The SAM texture is a more “messy” randomized type of pattern and offers great grip. The SAM texture in the mild variant is a great concealed carry texture. The SAM texture is also great for cover-up work. Occasionally we have customers who let “their buddy who knows how to stipple” go nuts on their pistol with a soldering iron and a beer. The SAM texture allows up to restipple their pistol and bring a more professional appearance as well as better grip to a once ugly gun.

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